Meet the Principal

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Welcome to the McClelland College website.  As a parent of four children, I know the selection of a secondary school is one of the most important decisions you can ever make for your child. You need good information to help make a thoughtful choice. I hope that as you peruse this website, you will gain some insight into what makes us different and some understanding of what is important to us and why I am so proud of what we do here. We are recognised for being a research-based, innovative school with a clear focus on first getting to know our students and then tailoring programs to suit their individual needs.

McClelland is a wonderful place to learn. We believe that for students to reach their potential they need to be able to follow their passions which is why each week for half a day every student does just this in our very unique Academy Program that engages each and every one of them. The school's academic results are continually improving and this is consistent with a highly structured and disciplined environment that encourages effort and commitment.  Our students invariably rise to the challenges they face.

Academic achievement, however, is only one part of our story.  The College's mission is to prepare our young people to be successful, productive, resilient and fulfilled global citizens, and to understand the important role they will have in helping to shape that world in the future.

To this end, students are encouraged to participate in a broad range of activities and programs designed to develop their skills and abilities to work and play in an atmosphere of co-operation and harmony.  Emphasis is on communication, leadership, relationship building and the enormous value of working hard to achieve something worthwhile.

Thank you for your interest in the College and I hope that our website goes some way towards satisfying your curiosity. We are confident in what we do here and that is why both our Assistant Principal and I send our children to McClelland College: the best school in the Frankston region.

Please come and see McClelland College in operation to gauge if it is the best fit for your child. We have tour dates listed on the website but can also run private tours on request.

- Amadeo Ferra