The 10+ Club

Year 9 10+ Club

The 10+ Club is a club for students at the academic top-end of the cohort (in terms of their Literacy ability which is needed across all subjects) who would benefit from receiving extra encouragement to excel, as they are showing themselves to be at a level comparable to Year 10/11 student.  10+ Club students might be considering VCE and perhaps university, and will gain the skills and study habits necessary for success in these fields through their participation in the club.

The benefits of being in the club are that students gain:

  • A supportive learning community
  • Consideration for multiple VCE subjects in Year 10
  • Continued support to achieve academic success.
  • Constant motivation from teachers and students to achieve
  • Camaraderie of like-minded peers
  • Exclusive offers to attend certain excursions and access guest speakers
  • The opportunity to attend a 10+ camp
  • Assistance from expert teachers in their fields and their tips for hitting the 10+ level
  • Tips on how to excel at exams
  • Tutorials on study and exam techniques, managing stress, deep thinking, bucket lists, goal setting and much more
  • Feedback regarding progress
  • The chance to observe VCE classes