Academy Program

McClelland College is a firm believer in supporting students in the exploration and development of their passions and talents. Key sets of relevant life-long learning skills will enable students to do this and be successful in world of the 21st century.

Our Academy Programs are run on Wednesday afternoons across the whole college allowing all students from Year 7 to 12 to gain specific skills and knowledge in a particular Academy. All programs incorporate Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, and elements of community engagement.

Current options are:


Are you a champion baker? Do you want to test your baking skills against others? If yes, then this could be the academy for you! Baking enthusiasts will be put through a series of challenges baking a mouth-watering selection of cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, breads, biscuits and desserts in an effort to find McClelland’s Best Baker! This academy will allow you to demonstrate your creative skills by preparing delicious food and designing menus and dishes not only for yourself but for other students and community groups to sample and enjoy.

Note: The cost stated is for basic ingredients supplied by the school but at times during the semester, students will be required to bring additional ingredients to individualise their recipes.


They say everyone has at least one good story inside them. What’s yours?

In this academy you will be given the chance to find out. This group will explore the literary world through the work of great authors and film makers asking the question, ‘What makes them so good?’ Once your mind has been on the journey of a lifetime you will have the opportunity to share your experience with others who love books and movies as much as you do. But this is so much more than a book club. Why spend all this time discovering what good writing looks like if you aren't going to do some yourself?

Have you ever had a desire to create, to develop, to experience the world through eyes not your own, a drive to reveal your creative talents to the world? Well, in this course you will be given the chance to do that too. Not only will you examine great writers' works, but you will also get the chance to create your own work across a number of different styles which could include a full novel, non-fiction piece, film, documentary, poem, short story, etc. You will take this piece of writing from concept to draft to edited final copy ready for publishing. This course will include workshops from professional authors, excursions to key literary locations and journalistic houses as well as opportunities to enter writing competitions and symposiums to help enhance and showcase your writing talents.

So join us and share that story you know you are longing to tell.


If you want to improve the environment and communal spaces around the school through the successful use of Design and Technology, the “Design for the Environment Academy” is for you. 

You will investigate best Design Practice through excursions to local destinations where award winning designers have created uniquely designed special spaces. Inspired by other landscapes, Computer Aided Design (CAD) will assist you to produce accurate design proposals to submit to appropriate school committees for approval. 

You will assist in the selection of tools and materials required for each project and effectively evaluate the success of the learning process and the landscaped areas.   There will also be the opportunity to volunteer your time in local schools, parks and gardens and here at McClelland. An outdoor furniture project for the school environment and a personal project to take home will be integral to this course.


An academy for all students who imagine a life after McClelland in film, and/or design. This Academy is awesome for all students who are interested in animation, film, graphic design, environmental design; industrial design, fashion, architecture, etc.
Design Media is about using text and imagery to connect to different audiences. Students can design and produce their own media production in their choice of media form, including photography, video, animation, web and multimedia and also explore their creative flair through package design, logos, buildings, gardens and even furnishings.


If you want to know how Bill Gates created Microsoft applications or how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook then this academy is for you. In this academy you will explore and develop skills in creating software applications. Participants will develop the programming knowledge to create their own applications such as a text adventure game, calculator, image gallery, crossword puzzle, animation and a text editor.

Students will be required to use their imagination to develop applications on topics of their own interest. Students may develop applications that meet the needs of the school or a community group. Advanced students will have the opportunity to independently research and apply mobile apps for smart phones or tablets. They will be able to run their applications on iPads and Android devices.


Do you want to achieve success in VCE? Do you have a target score or do you need support to achieve this goal? What about a study score of 30+ for English or an ATAR of 80+? This is the academy program for you. Maximise your study score, gain additional support in your VCE studies, undertake a range of VCE excellence presentations and receive additional tutoring in your VCE subjects. Distance Education students and EAL students will gain benefit from this Academy and ensure they are supported at school. You will experience being part of a learning community by your involvement with Haileybury College and visiting tertiary institutions. Students will access enrichment programs, lectures, workshops, and discussion groups between the two Colleges. Students will also have an opportunity to visit Universities and TAFEs to assist with their pathway planning and be exposed to guest speakers from the community. Students will also have an opportunity to establish a tutor program for younger students.


Ever wondered why dim sims, spag bog, fried rice and kebabs are so popular in Australia?  Why do we have a day off for a horse race and what is the difference between ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day? Are we more American than we are English?

Australia has always been a multicultural country, but never before has it been so diverse. This Academy will endeavour to answer the question, “Where do I fit in, and what exists beyond the boundaries of Frankston and the shores of Australia?”

During this time students will be involved in immersion with other cultures while visiting surrounding communities and preparing awareness activities in the community. This is an Academy for those wishing to learn more about the world, learn about the history of different cultures and how different wars and battles have shaped the world we live in today. Students will develop skills and opportunities to be a part of festivals and plan overseas travel as part of this program.


Do ninjas, amazing food, high-tech gadgets, weird vending machines, Alice in Wonderland costumes, origami, traditional ceremonies, sumo wrestling or anime take your fancy? How would you like to immerse yourself in a culture like none other and learn small business skills at the same time?

Don’t speak Japanese? No worries!

Japow! will focus on engulfing you in Japanese culture, and prompting it within the community through hosting stalls at various festivals, events and cultural days. Not only will you learn about all things Japanese, but also how to set up and run a small business. From budgeting to marketing, and sushi to Harajuku girls, this program has got it covered. Become a globally aware citizen and an expert in Japanese culture all at the same time!


Looking for a way to keep yourself active, healthy and fit? Interested in a career in sport? Why not give the Sports Academy a try?! This program promotes a range of options and focus areas for those looking to improve and develop their overall skills and fitness levels, as well as those wanting to be fit, active and healthy. Coaching and sports administration will also be covered within this Academy. From track club, aquatics and golf to bush walking and cycling, this Sports Academy has it all. And don't forget involvement in inter-school sports; tennis, volleyball, netball and AFL, just to name a few. We're always looking for students to play, umpire and coach teams at all year levels. This is a program that will develop your skills and passion in sport and fast track you into a career in sport as an athlete, coach or administrator. So jump on board and 'LET'S GET PHYSICAL'!


This is designed to train actors, musicians, singers, dancers, stage hands, set designers, sound and lighting technicians and marketing/promotions personnel in a wide range of skills, techniques and experiences that will be showcased in two ways.

If you are interested in participating in The Biennial College Musical in Semester One of 2014, time may be spent learning and honing skills required to produce a full-scale musical. Staff and students would also collaborate with industry professionals to create a themed evening of music, dance and song.

Both outcomes can allow students to participate in any and all levels (for example, students could both play instruments and dance at given points throughout the project so that they’re able to develop all their skills and not be forced to choose). There would be a strong emphasis in all areas on either bringing in or taking students to meet and view professionals talk and teach about their work. Musicians will further develop their skills challenging their abilities with new styles in both solo and ensemble playing.


We love Pi! Do you? Do you enjoy working with numbers? Having trouble in class or want to leapfrog your classmates? Want to know where your poly has gone? Be a "sum1" and "sine" up today!!

In this academic program, enthusiastic students and staff will aim to improve basic skills and extend students far beyond normal classroom constraints in the world of Mathematics. Suitable for anyone who is struggling, flying, or just generally likes mathematics and it’s applications to the real world.


How does a job where you rub shoulders with celebs and get loads of freebies (well, some of the time!) sound? Do journalism, photography, advertising, graphic design or presenting get you excited? Or, perhaps you're a Facebook expert? Then maybe this is for you. The Media Moguls team will be responsible for publicising the College and the various Academy programs across various platforms whilst giving you invaluable experience as a journalist or marketing guru. You will be conducting interviews, taking photos, filming and editing, writing articles, generating ads and updating our web and social media sites. Working in the media is a super-exciting career path that can take you anywhere in the world earning big dollars, but before the glitz and glamour you’ve got to get experience, and what better place to start than here!


An academy for McClelland’s budding artists. This Academy will excite students who have a lot of ideas and want to communicate them visually! Using drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, students will investigate sources of inspiration and generate creative artworks. Students will explore a wide range of materials and techniques as tools for communicating their ideas, observations and experiences. Students will produce a folio of artworks that will be exciting, imaginative and creative!