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Year 10

When students commence at year 10 level, it is expected that both teachers and students effectively use the same tools, strategies, approaches and expectations firmly embedded in the previous three years of their education. Most importantly, they will be independent learners, who display excellent Personal Learning attributes. Having planned and developed their individual pathway for learning, and commenced the process of choosing a course that meets this plan, year 10 students will be well engaged on an individually tailored approach to their schooling.


  1. Pathways - the basis of course selection at this level is alignment with a planned career pathway. Successful preparation for, and commencement of this pathway is the desired outcome at the conclusion of this year level.
  2. Preparation for post compulsory education and training - students will continue to be supported to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully meet the demands of this learning
  3. Home study, exam practice and high expectations - these elements will be strongly reinforced and linked to the program as key supports for success



Students in year 10 at McClelland College will be supported in their learning through the provision of a range of organisational approaches that will allow for responsiveness to individual needs. Students begin to formalise their Senior School Program and consider their options for Year 11 and 12 – either the VCE program or the VCE – Vocational Major (VCE – VM) program.

Students complete core English, Maths and Pathways & Projects at year 10 level. In addition, all year 10 students will select three elective programs based on variety of combinations; (see Sample Options below).

A broad range of elective choices is open to all year 9 and 10 students, building in opportunities to these two student groups to mix and work collaboratively.

Students may also opt to undertake a maximum of two VCE unit 1/2 programs as part of the three elective choices. This provides students with the experience of a full year of VCE unit study prior to year 11, and offers significant support before undertaking a full senior course.

Year 10 Pathways – Sample Options

Compulsary Subjects:

English + Mathematics + Pathways & Projects  

Option 1

Science or Vocational Skills

9/10 Elective x 3

Option 2

Science or Vocational Skills

9/10 Elective x 2


Option 3

Science or Vocational Skills

9/10 Elective x 2

+ VCE Unit 1 x 1

Option 4

Science or Vocational Skills

9/10 Elective x 1

+ VCE Unit 1 x 2

Only with teacher authorisation

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