Middle School

Year 9

Year 9 Course Outline

Core Subjects in MAX
  • Module 1
  • Numeracy
  • Module 2(MAX)
Core Subjects out of MAX
  • Science
  • Active Health

(1 semester of each)

Please note, Active Health will be 60% PE and 40% Health

  • Foods
  • Performance
  • Physical Education
  • Outdoor Recreational Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Scientific Exploration*
  • Thinking Socially
  • Japanese
  • Music
  • Information Technology
  • Technology
  • English Studies

*To study Chemistry, Physics and Biology unit’s 1-4 VCE studies, students must select Scientific Exploration as an elective in Year 9 and/or Year 10. They must complete a minimum of one full year of scientific exploration within that 2 year period. Please see hand book for further details

Open Learning Centres (MAX learning) Year 9

Our teachers are experts in the strategic use of the learning environment to support success.

At McClelland our outstanding facilities are used to suit the learning that is sometime individual, sometimes grouped and often collaborative.

Our flexible spaces and team based approach to teaching allows us to group students more easily and extend them in areas that simply cannot be achieved in the traditional setting.

Students are also taught and practice and learning how to learn as an individual and in group situations. All extremely important skills in gaining the best results at senior level and beyond.

Teach and Learning Focus Year 9

Students in year 9 will continue the learning commenced at year 7 and further developed at year 8, and both teachers and students will be expected to use the same tools, strategies, approaches and expectations as they move into this next year of their schooling. In addition to further developing their skills and understandings, year 9 students will focus extensively on learning about future options, and commencing to plan their learning pathways as they prepare for the senior years of schooling. They will build on their knowledge of personal strengths and interests developed during year 8, and start to investigate career options and requirements, and the implications for future choices. Students will also consider lifestyle preferences and options, and the link between employment and the range of choices available to them. Understanding what it means to be a citizen will also be a key element of learning at this level. The year 9 learning centre is staffed by a core group of teachers, who have shared responsibility for the needs of the students.


  1. Personal Learning/goal setting – students will identify the goals and targets that are most relevant for them as learners, and which will support them in their personal development. Student choice in demonstrating their learning will be a feature of this year level, as will a specific awareness of preparation for the demands of the next years of education
  2. Pathways Planning – students will investigate future options, and develop plans that will enable them to see the purpose and personal benefit of their time at school
  3. Civics and Citizenship – as students better understand themselves, their motivations and their capabilities, we wish to move them towards a better understanding of the community in which they live, the issues that are important locally and globally, and the potential that each of them has to make a difference. Citizenship – time will be devoted to the development of citizenship skills in the context of the McClelland College Community


At McClelland College, we believe that having established a firm basis for success for our students in year 7, that that work should be continued and further developed as they move through the college. The MAX learning centre accommodates half of a student’s time at the college at year 9, and continues as a major vehicle for achieving this success.

In order to reinforce the three focus areas at year 9, program delivery will again be highly integrated. The learning program will consist of student electives in the areas of Technology and the Arts, a semester unit of science and Health & PE and the MAX Inquiry Units. Teachers delivering the elective subjects will have the opportunity to do their planning alongside MAX teachers, so that cross links and shared programs can be developed. This also ensures that all teachers of year 9 students present a consistent message regarding expectations for learning and general behaviors. To further support this work and the year focuses, all students will be in a Link Group. Each time they enter the 9 MAX, they will meet with this group and a designated teacher to monitor uniform, equipment, and attendance, and to use Personal Learning Journals to ensure lesson details are recorded. This time will also be used to monitor student goal setting, evidence of learning and planning for future work. The MAX teaching team will be committed to developing and strengthening relationships with the local and broader community, and involving them as much as possible in the learning program at the college.

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